JESS MCCARTY SETTLES INTO THE SIMPLICITY of life in Woodacre with her daughter, Sarah, after a turbulent divorce. Mickey, a San Francisco fireman, struggles to make sense of his attraction to Jess as he withdraws from his marriage. Their passion burns so hot it blinds them to the truth of how utterly different they are from one another— he has one foot in the past, and she is poised to step into a new era. As they race toward a future that keeps slipping through their fingers, against all odds, we root for their happiness.

Alternating between Jess’s intense point of view and the intimate voice of her lover, we are transported back to the early seventies, a restless time of experimentation, when families were rocked, often torn apart, by the lure of freedom that came with a price.

Set against the backdrop of San Francisco and rural Marin County, Woodacre captures the richness of the times, the beauty of the landscape, and the passion of an unforgettable love affair.

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